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About Donna Q

This is Donna’s story, but keep in mind that not all cases of cancer are like hers. Cancer is unpredictable and may affect people in different ways. Also, all of this is true, 100%.

Donna Q was happily married with 4 kids, all fully grown. As she aged, she was diagnosed with multiple types of cancer, including serious brain cancer, but she put on a brave face. I only saw her every once and a while, but even with her chemotherapy making her feel fatigued or sick, she never let it show. I didn’t even realize that she had cancer until she was almost gone She was very close friends with my grandmother, and though I didn’t know her well, she is still the most tenacious, heroic person I’ve ever met and ever will meet.


Who We Are

We are Donna Q’s Fighters!

Donna Q past away in 2013 as a result of tumors in her brain. This website was created to raise awareness for the Donna Q’s Fighters sale held every year.

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